Samstag, 1. August 2009

Branch in the works: Alignment

I'm currently working on a branch that allows a different position for PyRoom's text entry box: At the top. It's not particularly complicated, but there's quite a difference in user experience involved.

We'll be offering the choice whether the textbox should be centred (as before and per default) or if it should appear at the top. In combination with setting textbox height to 50%, this allows text to fill up until the exact center of the screen. Any further line will stay at the center of the screen and, thus, potentially at the users' eye level. I'm sure there are users that would prefer this layout to the standard layout we offer with PyRoom 0.4.1

The branch itself is potentially ready for merge. What it still lacks, though, is testing. Implementing this feature required to switch to a different method of positioning our widgets, now we're using GTK Alignments instead of the somewhat hackish method we used before. However, I'm not sure if this method and our current implementation work nicely with multiple monitors. Unfortunately, I can't test it myself with my single laptop screen.

If you want to help testing, please checkout lp:~tiax/pyroom/alignment, run PyRoom from your new checkout and test the new positioning options. Should you encounter any problems, please post to Bug #363390 in Launchpad with a description (or patch..).

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