Freitag, 7. August 2009

PyRoom discussions

Good news, everyone! We have sorted out some things about the mailing list.

Sometimes recently, when I came online in the morning, I checked #pyroom logfiles, I saw users asked questions about PyRoom and/or PyRoom development, but they received no response. It appears that most of those who come and ask questions come from the US or other countries outside Europe, where our developer base comes from. Without an active and big idler base, time zone differences can be quite a killer for communication.

To somehow mitigate the issue, we've improved on our mailing list situation. PyRoom is driven by quite a few different teams on launchpad, to manage permissions etc. Until now, the team ~pyroom-team has served as a host for our mailing list, pyroom-team herecomesanat, but whas on a moderated basis. While that's not such a bad idea for "teams" at all, mailing list access is coupled to that.

From now on, though, pyroom-team herecomesanat and its mailing list are free for all and should be a little more convenient to use than our IRC channel. While our user and developer base remains small, we'll be discussing both development and support issues there.

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