Donnerstag, 27. August 2009

Some plugin ideas

Just a small collection of small but useful plugins that don't exist yet, but may soon:

  • GIO for network access to files. Not in core because of the GIO dependency

  • export markdown/textile/rest/creole to html

  • some sort of timer/a clock

  • speed dial/savegame like display of recently used documents instead of file chooser

  • spell checking

  • syntax highlighting (there! I said it!) for LaTeX/markdown/textile/creole

  • publishing prose to publishing platforms such as LiveJournal, a blog, whatever

  • versioning. Not reinventing the wheel here, think "vcs integration"

  • YouTube and twitter widgets. Just kidding.

Oh, just one thing: syntax highlighting for LaTeX will replace our gtk.TextView() with an instance of gtksourceview (of gedit fame), which means it will be able to highlight most programming languages, too. Still, PyRoom isn't intended to be a programmer's editor. Please don't use it as one or I'll come after you with a knife.

7 Kommentare:

  1. Pictures....
    Pictures ala scrivener....
    That would be the best thing to ever happen for me as a short story author.

  2. Oh, these plugins would be amazing. When do you expect the plugin framework to be ready?

  3. It would be very usefull to have a find/replace tool.

    Would also be usefull to have the option to change the tabs to (n) spaces

  4. Love the app.
    A start/stop for word counts per session would be really useful. And, eventually, a calendar with word counts per session per day for planning/review.

  5. Maybe you could add online syncing, maybe with something like

  6. i'd hate to see a spell checker leave its red wavey-lines in PyRoom. just saying.

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