Freitag, 12. März 2010

Release planing

Hello everyone,

after it's been a little quiet around PyRoom lately, I'm now planning on two releases quite soon:
  • a release in our stable 0.4 branch that fixes some bugs, including the one that keeps PyRoom from starting under certain conditions (locales..)
  • an experimental release in the yet-to-create 0.5 branch (from trunk) that will feature the not-yet-rock-solid plugin architecture. 
Users will be advised to stick with 0.4 for some time. Maybe I'll change our versioning to something like the old scheme used in Linux, where odd numbers represent in-development versions. But that's just random thoughts for now.

Still, we'll have to find a solution for the translations issue in Launchpad. I'm not quite comfortable with shipping untranslated versions of PyRoom, especially given the tremendous and awesome effort put in by so many of you that translated PyRoom in many languages, but I'd rather not deal with the situation in Launchpad and mess up, either. So, again, if any of you feels comfortable handling translations in Launchpad, please contact me here or via mail so we can work this out.

7 Kommentare:

  1. heya,

    Good to see you guys are still alive and around =). Pyroom is very awesome.


  2. Indeed. Pyroom is great.

    Feature Request (if you're taking any);
    I do a lot of journaling, so I use timestamps very often. Would it be possible to have a keyboard shortcut for pasting the current timestamp in a format like this:

    Tuesday, May 11, 2010 12:52 AM

    That would help me considerably.


    C. Truett

  3. Hi, I saw there is a branch for spellcheck in launchpad, but it is not working (dependency on python-enchant package, and no language files available).

    I was wondering if we could re-open this branch, to possibly make it work for a future merge in pyroom.

    I am sure everyone will just love spellcheck on it.

    Ya know, to err is uman!!! :-)

    Regards and thanks for pyroom (it rocks!),


  4. this is a great piece of software! keep working on it please!

  5. Nice appplication! keep developing it. Greetings from Brazil! :P

  6. Hey,

    PyRoom is fantastic!

    I'm itching to get my Archlinux reinstalled... when I do I'll see if PyRoom supports Chinese text. Bwahahaa!


  7. I have released an online, python based PyRoom clone in Django:

    It is also Free and Open Source!